Fish House Safety Kit
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With this kit you will be able to have peice of mind while your out on the ice. The easily accessible wall mount fire extinguisher will always be a step away incase of a fire. You will be able to sleep in comfort with a carbon monoxide alarm and an automatic propane shutoff. The propane shutoff valve will automatically shutoff the propane supply if a leak should occur. Leave for a bait run, or snowmobile ride knowing you wont come back to a house full of flamable propane.


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Kit includes-

Automatic propane sutoff and valve

Detects propane and natural gas

Power saving circut design only 130 mA

Direct wires in to 12V power supply

Also included a 12V sutoff valve


Carbon monoxide alarm.

Batteries and hardware included.

85 dB alarm at 10'


United States Coast Guard Approved wall mountable fire extinguisher

UL rated 5-B:C for flammable liquids and electrical equipment.

6 year warranty

Batteries and hardware included.



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Fish House Safety Kit

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